More Perspective for Military Applicants on MBA Jobs & Internships

In response to a post called, The New Secret to Getting Hired, below are my recommendations to military candidates on how to secure a job or find an internship. The original post outlined the following keys to getting a job: – “More and more every day companies are hiring people recommended by their own employees.” […]

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More Insights on Transition & Networking

In a Military-to-Civilian Transitioners group with almost 20K members I belong to on LinkedIn, I read a post on 5 Things Veterans say are ‘Extremely Important’ during the Transition. Because “Networking” finished at the top of the list, I decided to delve deeper. What follows are more insights I would like to share with veterans […]

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Update on Internships

LinkedIn & Internships I – LinkedIn is a great location to inquire about internships. Business Insider said it best, “It’s time to graduate from Facebook and Snapchat to using social media to find people with whom to network.”  However, you can’t passively post your profile on LI and expect offers and important connections to come […]

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Career Advice On Extending MBA Degree for Military Officers

Today during my daily exposure to relevant info on the web, I uncovered a letter by Jeff Bezos to Amazon’s shareholders. When discussing Amazon University, Bezos revealed the following insight, “As many as half of major US employers now consider Amazon badges to be one of their top five criteria when determining whom to hire.” […]

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How Military Leaders Use Innovation In MBA Education & Employment

Recently, in America, there has been much attention given to the topic of innovation. It is being studied, analyzed and tracked as never before. So it’s only fitting that Reuters recently came out with their inaugural ranking of the world’s most innovative universities. Congratulations to both MIT and the University of Washington who were schools […]

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Credible Sources Veterans Should Trust On MBA Education

In this post I discuss why should you avoid the 2016 military-friendly education guides and I identify two sources you can count on to select an MBA school or graduate business degree program. I have recently been receiving more than my fair share of 2016 Guides to Military Education. These surveys are directed at veterans […]

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Goldman Sachs – Payoff Of A Business Degree

A new report surfaced this week from Goldman Sachs on the value of a college education. The report was  pessimistic and called for a revolution in Higher Ed, which is nothing new these days considering American students have accumulated $1.2T in college loan debt. Four topics stood out as important to me in the report. […]

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Don’t Just Thank Vets, Be An Outlier on Veterans Day 2015

With any holiday that marks the celebration of a special day, Veterans’ Day is designed as a one-day event. Here’s why it is in danger of becoming one and why it shouldn’t. As America has done with most of its other holidays, Veterans’ Day receives a lot of attention. But, I would suggest that much […]

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Living Longer Means More Jobs & Career Paths

In my last post I set the stage for predicting a New Era of MBA #NewEraMBA. As part of this exercise, I welcomed everyone who reads or refers to this series of posts to join me in putting our heads together and predicting the future of MBA. The one ground rule I established last time […]

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Look To Markets & Social Change for New Era of MBA

What does a New Era of MBA mean to you? I think it’s important to know the current and future direction of the MBA. So, several months ago I decided to figure some things out. I wanted to put traditional assumptions in the background and re-learn: 1) what the MBA credential is all about?;  and, […]

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A Military Applicants Edge on MBA

In my last post, I wrote about the movement to quality of military applicants in MBA Admissions. Which means you will have to earn your way into MBA school on the merits of your application and interview. It also means that serving in military in and of itself will not be enough to get you […]

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Move to Quality Military Applicants in MBA Admissions

Over the summer through this fall, there has been a noticeable movement to quality of military applicants in MBA admissions. Which means that your military status alone may no longer have as much benefit as it once did. We are living in an era where military candidates can score slightly lower on a GMAT exam […]

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When Should Military Veterans Start a Business?

There has recently been more activity which encourages business startups among military transitioners. Two weeks ago, we posted information and perspective on The Veterans Entrepreneurial Transition Act. Authors of the bill are attempting to pass legislation which would allow veterans to use benefits from their Post-9/11 G.I. Bill as collateral to start-up a business. I […]

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