Success, Productivity & Education

Our goal is to help improve education on behalf of high-performing students. All too often topics such as success, productivity and education are considered separately. Sometimes, as is the case with today’s post, they intersect. When interrelated topics come together benefits are realized. Which is to say, as a current or prospective MBA student, you […]

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The World Favors Those Who Learn

Last week, I wrote about advancing in a world of uncertainty. While the world is no less certain this week, I have been thinking a lot more about education. Education is usually top of mind for me, but recently has become a recurring topic at work and home. Here are some takeaways I wanted to […]

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How to Advance When The World’s in Flux

I am writing this post in the afternoon prior to the first Presidential debate. This is an exciting and less obvious time in everyone’s life . It’s 44 days until the Presidential Election in the United States. Never in America’s history has there been a more disjointed, if not dysfunctional, election. Unrelated to this, during […]

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What Really Happens When Students Rate Teachers?

It seems intuitive that students learn more from professors who receive high ratings from other students. However, new research called “Studies in Educational Evaluation” proves the opposite. Students do not learn more from professors with higher ratings. Commonly known as “student evaluations of teaching” or “SET” in academics, a new study finds that student reviews […]

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Real World

Past Behavior Equals Future Performance

Interviewing Applicants is Better Than Evaluating Someone on Paper, But Real-World Tests Are The Best Indicators of Future Performance and Success. During the course of my 20-year career I have learned and put to the test a few universal truths. One, which was recently tried again and proved to be correct, relates to improving recruitment […]

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What Supreme Court Decision on Affirmative Action Means for Military Students

We decided to cover two perspectives (combined into one post) on the recent SCOTUS decision to expand upon the definition of Affirmative Action (AA) at UT Austin last week. One is our opinion of key takeaways following the landmark decision, the other gives more of a personal perspective on how Affirmative Action in Higher Education […]

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Do Officers Struggle With Transition?

In a Military-to-Civilian Transitioners group with almost 20K members I belong to on LinkedIn, I read a recent post on Why Commissioned Officers Struggle in Transition. We have been serving commissioned military officers and NCOs for the past 12 years and transition has been a recurring topic during this time. The author of the post (who’s […]

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Going Deeper on School Rankings

When should you use crossover rankings and exclusivity on lists? Both Bloomberg and Princeton Review have published their 2016 undergraduate b-school rankings. I realize these are not MBA specific. However, many Top 20 undergrad business schools also appear on lists of the best MBA schools. Many of these schools also appear in our rankings for […]

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More Perspective for Military Applicants on MBA Jobs & Internships

In response to a post called, The New Secret to Getting Hired, below are my recommendations to military candidates on how to secure a job or find an internship. The original post outlined the following keys to getting a job: – “More and more every day companies are hiring people recommended by their own employees.” […]

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More Insights on Transition & Networking

In a Military-to-Civilian Transitioners group with almost 20K members I belong to on LinkedIn, I read a post on 5 Things Veterans say are ‘Extremely Important’ during the Transition. Because “Networking” finished at the top of the list, I decided to delve deeper. What follows are more insights I would like to share with veterans […]

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Update on Internships

LinkedIn & Internships I – LinkedIn is a great location to inquire about internships. Business Insider said it best, “It’s time to graduate from Facebook and Snapchat to using social media to find people with whom to network.”  However, you can’t passively post your profile on LI and expect offers and important connections to come […]

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Career Advice On Extending MBA Degree for Military Officers

Today during my daily exposure to relevant info on the web, I uncovered a letter by Jeff Bezos to Amazon’s shareholders. When discussing Amazon University, Bezos revealed the following insight, “As many as half of major US employers now consider Amazon badges to be one of their top five criteria when determining whom to hire.” […]

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How Military Leaders Use Innovation In MBA Education & Employment

Recently, in America, there has been much attention given to the topic of innovation. It is being studied, analyzed and tracked as never before. So it’s only fitting that Reuters recently came out with their inaugural ranking of the world’s most innovative universities. Congratulations to both MIT and the University of Washington who were schools […]

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