Move to Quality Military Applicants in MBA Admissions

Over the summer through this fall, there has been a noticeable movement to quality of military applicants in MBA admissions. Which means that your military status may no longer have as much soft benefit as it once did. We are living in an era where military candidates can score slightly lower on a GMAT exam […]

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When Should Military Veterans Start a Business?

There has recently been more activity which encourages business startups among military transitioners. Two weeks ago, we posted information and perspective on The Veterans Entrepreneurial Transition Act. Authors of the bill are attempting to pass legislation which would allow veterans to use benefits from their Post-9/11 G.I. Bill as collateral to start-up a business. I […]

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A Dad’s Advice To His College-Aged Sons

I wrote the following email to both of my sons earlier this week. It’s about surrounding themselves with the right people. I think this topic applies equally well to mentors and networking in degree programs or at work. It serves as a good reminder which leads to happiness and overall success in life. I felt […]

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A Call to End For-Profit Education in the U.S. Military

It’s time to do away with for-profit education (FPE) in the U.S. military. Since 2012 when I initially covered the topic of for-profit providers and the resulting misfortunes on the education of military veterans, it has proven problematic and been mired in controversy. At that time, the Student Veterans Association (SVA) revoked charters at dozens […]

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How do we pay for college?

On July 20th, Sallie Mae released its report on How America Pays for College in 2015. Some key findings include: ∙ While the cost of enrollment is increasing, borrowing to pay for college is more under control. 60% of families did not borrow any money to pay for college and only 16% of students actually […]

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Where MBA is Headed for Military Veterans

Seeing the MBA Degree More Clearly for Military Students

I just returned from the annual MBA conference, hosted by GMAC, which was attended by nearly 800 MBA schools worldwide. As the main industry event, outcomes of this conference determine future directions and developments for all things MBA. Here’s my take on what to expect with a clear eye toward what it means for all of […]

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Nation’s Top Entrepreneurs Identify Military Leaders As Great Hires

In a recent post titled, Three Key Attributes of Every Great Hire, I read some excellent advice given by Rahim Charania of the Young Entrepreneur Council. YEC represents some of the most well-respected minds in Entrepreneurship today. Mr. Charania recommends that employers focus on the 3 most valuable attributes of great hires, which are: #1 […]

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Build Relationships (Part #2 Blog Series)

Build Relationships

My recent posts have focused on the three competitive advantages military applicants have over their civilian peers. These are: 1) national service; 2) get-it-done leadership; and, 3) teamwork from the ground up. This week, I move into the area of building a professional network. Remember, this series of posts was originally adapted from Reid Hoffman, […]

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The Competitive Advantages of Leadership & Teamwork

This is my second post on the competitive advantages military have over civilian applicants. Last time I wrote about the advantages of national service. This week will focus on two other areas of competitive advantage military leaders enjoy which are: 1) teamwork from the ground up; 2) get-it-done leadership. It’s important to note, the competitive […]

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The Competitive Advantage of National Service

This is the 2nd post in a series of articles based upon an outline I adapted from Reid Hoffman, the CEO of LinkedIn, who has recently been giving more career advice. The first installment in this series was an introduction. The basic outline I am adapting to helping military applicants is as follows: Developing Competitive Advance; Building […]

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Successful Periods of Transition

It’s time to mashup a few more topics to come up with results that are greater than the sum of their individual parts. During the next few blog posts, I will offer suggestions on how to be successful with and effective in handling periods of transition. I will pattern my overall discussion after recent advice given by […]

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Keep the Focus On “Veterans As Applicants”

Early in 2015, we have noticed that a few organizations are trying to shift the conversation on recruitment of veterans toward workforce development and veteran-owned businesses. This is a subtle, yet potentially important shift. There is no hard, substantiated data to prove that all of the talk about these trends is actually taking place, even […]

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Military MBA_LOGO

How 2% of Veterans Compete for Jobs & Enrollments

Veteran unemployment costs taxpayers $1B/year and more government funds are being spent by the day to solve the problem. This includes a new $1 Billion VA Jobs Program, which even Veteran groups openly question. Transition Assistance Programs (TAP), which were established in 1993 as the first line of support to assist vets, are in transition […]

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