Takeaways for Military Transitioners, Women & Career Portfolioists

All of us undergo transition and opportunity change throughout our personal and work lives. I join you on this constant journey as, 10 months ago, I recently made another pivot. Not counting changes in jobs, roles or positions; I have made 6 discernible, strategic shifts in my work life. This compares to most millennials who will do so 14 or more times throughout their careers.


Playbook 2018: Direction & Opportunity


While I continue to recruit military officers for MBA schools worldwide I will also focus on publishing resources to help more women with their vocations in 2018. Plus, I am investing in side businesses related to the sharing economy and the reduction of food waste on college campuses.

From professional experiences I have had in the gig economy to managing portfolio careers there is much I want to share with you in 2018. In every post and podcast, I will offer takeaways in areas where I have had to earn competencies and expertise. Yet, little I share will be about me.

I realize the pool of youthful talent today operates in a new era, under different circumstances with more expectations and values. So, the key factors I offer up will be always based upon your peers and communities of influence. Below are some key takeaways to start the year for the 1st week of January 2018:

– For Military Transitioners. Realize no plan is ever absolute. Balance flexibility with certainty. Base certainty on track records with people you have worked with and processes you have experienced that pay off with more benefits than costs. Figure out early in the game who and what are real.

For Young Women. Build confidence on the strengths you have and want to further develop. Eliminate “all” and having everything at the same time. Don’t try to do it all at once. Nor should you try to be all things to all people.

– For Portfolio Careerists. Build a portfolio by securing a reliable, financial base camp. Focus on a career foundation and establish a solid, standing employment gig first before seriously entertaining future options. Do this by knowing the value you bring to people who feed you (i.e., providers of employment, income, future opportunities, etc). Remember combinations of skills are scarce and that scarcity creates unique value.

– For Self Educators. Expert opinion is unanimous and consensus in this area was reached last year. Self education is a #1 success factor for workers today. Realize you are what you do each and every day. If self-education is who you are, want to be and/or important to you, get in the habit of educating yourself every single day.

– For Gig Economists. The professional class gig economy is on the rise, but could ebb and flow. It’s unlikely to be an uninterrupted, straight-line progression so make the best of it now, but fund your rainy day. U.S. employers are learning to understand, value and embrace the model. When the economy is robust it is a safe, fast and more competitive approach to scale, grow and expand. But, no one knows if the foothold organizations have established now will advance when the economy remains flat or is on the decline.

That is all for this post. Together let’s make 2018 a rewarding year!

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