What No One Has Ever Told You About Transition…Until Now

Transition in the Military Never Ends, But Use of the Word “Transition” Should.

The word “transition” is associated with and has become about “all things military”.  Through general, frequent and improper use, transition is now a highly-marginalized term having little or no significance. Everyone inside and outside the military casually throws it around as a catch-all word used to describe every situation known to any, and all, service members and their families. It’s not. And, if service members want helpful advice in all areas and types of transitions, it’s time for this practice to end.

“Transition” is misused to catch all things military

I would like to propose a ready-made solution to this problem. Simply add another word before “transition” to modify, and better describe, what you mean. If you, your spouse and family are re-stationed that is called relocation transition. By the same standard, if you exit the military you will go through military-to-civilian transition.

Likewise, there are transitions to college and various types of career transitions you will soon face. If you describe and treat each and every transition the same, you too will become marginalized. Give yourself and others every opportunity to succeed by describing the specific type of transition you need.

Military MBA plans to do what we say you should do. Namely, focus on the specific type of transition you need. And, for us as a solutions provider, that we are most qualified to help you with. Our specific type is “MBA Career Transition”. For the past 15 years this has been our focus.

But there is no such thing as resting on experience or keeping it business as usual. We are elevating our game and will bring you new and improved tools to help throughout the year. For example, we have been conducting and will continue to implement a year-long study on MBA Career Transition for military students. The study is sure to turn up new facts, findings and discoveries. All of which will be shared in a series of useful advice columns and takeaways that will help you successfully transition into management positions and business careers.

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