Free MBA Admission Tests on Military Leadership Day

Military Leadership Day
Military MBA Shows Ongoing Commitment With Free MBA Admission Tests

Last week, Military MBA declared a national day of observance called military leadership day. Although past and present officers and servicemembers are deserving of our national recognition and support, this day is not about simply thanking veterans for their service. Getting days off from work, salutes, ceremonies and sales are all fine and certainly mean well. However, there is a real gap between words (giving lip service) and measurable actions taken to understand who they are, what they offer and how we can continue to benefit from their talents and full integration into our lives, communities and society at large.

That’s why, Military MBA has decided to act upon its commitment to military by providing free admission test vouchers to military leaders throughout the world. Because education benefits are the #1 reason why young men and women initially sign up to serve in the military, free admission tests are valued and represent a crucial first step to helping veterans further their education and with successful transition from military to civilian life.

Please join us in doing the same by showing, not saying, you are committed to them in all walks of life before, during and especially following their service. #militaryleadersday

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