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A recruiter’s perspective on the state of diversity in the MBA industry.

For the past 14 years, I have been recruiting grad students for more than 50 MBA schools. Most of them reside in the US and a few in Europe. I have recruited military officers for several reasons. Aside from being leaders and desirable students, one reason is because the military is the largest diversity employer […]

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MBA Applications – Simple, Surprise & Significant

Last week, we forwarded a post about 3 tips for building the perfect college application, from a CEO who went to Harvard for free. We called it the three (3) S’s of applications. Here is my quick take on the approach which I shared while coaching a 24-year old MBA applicant. Be Simple. Is where […]

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Takeaways for Military Transitioners, Women & Career Portfolioists

All of us undergo transition and opportunity change throughout our personal and work lives. I join you on this constant journey as, 10 months ago, I recently made another pivot.┬áNot counting changes in jobs, roles or positions; I have made 6 discernible, strategic shifts in my work life. This compares to most millennials who will […]

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