Using Counter Intuition

Is there ever a time to go against better judgment?

The answer, I have discovered, is yes there are times when it is acceptable to go against what seems to be better judgment.

Recently, I have put a lot on my plate. I am building one business, maintaining another and planning a startup. This is in addition to my personal life where I am remodeling a house and running as fast as I can trying to keep pace with a multitude of activities which define summer where I live.

Everything that I am in control of seems to be working fine. It is when other people outside of myself and my team enter the picture that operational systems, work processes and decision making begin to breakdown and fall apart.

As so many people who are driven by productivity and performance do, my instincts (a.k.a., better judgment) tell me to persist and power through it all. “Just keep being resilient,” I tell myself, “everything will come together and work out for the best.” Sound familiar? In this era of unparalleled economic expansion, I suspect a lot of people do the same.

Here’s why this is a problem. Unless you have access to, and command, unlimited resources that breakdown I mentioned above will soon happen to you.  It is because this situation happens and recurs that Plan B options were invented and contingency planning became a real activity smart managers must do to survive.

Do yourself a favor, when warning signs appear and you feel you are forcing your will too far with other people or too often stretching the limit of resources around you, think counter intuitively and consider your options. There is a time to go against what you think is your better judgment and this is that time.

There’s a simple creed I try to live by that goes like this:
Believe the Best
Face the Worst
Do the Most
Forget the Rest.

Good and bad outcomes happen to believers, but the good more often outweighs the bad and whatever believers can’t accept is often chalked up to learning. Doers get things done. That is why they’re doers, productivity defines them. They have a harder time forgetting and moving on to overcome future challenges or live to compete for another day.

Don’t let this be you. Do the most and then forget the rest. Counter intuition allows you to forget. It frees you to relieve pressure, rethink options, move on and perform well again in the future.

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