#1 Habit to Develop Post-MBA

Six weeks ago, I wrote about the value of creating an ongoing habit of self-education. Which, in 2016, some experts predicted was #1 habit for the 21st Century Entrepreneur and I translated into #1 Habit to Learn in Bschool. I want to pickup on this topic again and cover it more completely in 2017.

As coincidence would have it, new findings came out near the end of last year which reinforce the need for professionals to educate themselves. More evidence in the form of a study called How the Workforce Learns (conducted by Degreed), suggests that professional development will be initiated by workers themselves who will become more responsible for the progression of their own careers. While there are numerous advantages of self-education we will continue to discuss, I would like to share the following takeaways from the study with you:

I) Companies are neglecting career development of their workers. According to the study, “Two-thirds of U.S. Human Resource professionals who specialize in employee development admit their workers aren’t turning to them for learning.” There are several conclusions to be drawn from this finding, but one thing is for sure. Workers rely less on employers and place more value on self-reliance of their future education. This also means…

II) More workers have decided to educate themselves. In fact, according to same employment report, workers spent 5x more time on self-directed learning than training that is received from their employers. In the context of this study, training was defined as career development.

In my previous post I commented on how, “We should all be aware of various ways to harvest the vast store of information* and become more proficient at using the abundant flow of that information to apply knowledge now and in the future. Over time, this will allow us to develop and build out our own unique systems of learning and to find greater success as a result.”

Whether it is for primary or supplemental learning, you should develop a daily habit and implement some system of self-education. In an effort to help you get started, please review the following sources of self-education which were identified by workers in the study.



(to expand right-click on image and open in new browser window)

Thanks for reading and providing any feedback. In future posts, I will help you get further down the path of educating yourself.

* The mobile web, web warehouses, proliferation of big data and application of vertical content.

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