#1 Habit to Learn in BSchool

Why getting into the habit of challenging what you learn make so much sense.

I am excited about today’s post. It covers a beneficial habit that will allow you to apply more knowledge when it comes to learning. Even better, it will give you a decisive edge on performance while you’re in school and later on when you are working in a business setting.

The tip itself is very simple. If you are trying to learn from anyone who is teaching a lesson, giving a presentation or leading a group make sure you take hand-written notes. Doing so, according to a 2014 study published by Princeton and UCLA, allowed students to score twice as high as other students who took notes in the same class using a laptop computer.

powerofhabitI initially found this information in a book called Smarter Faster Better written by NY Times reporter Charles Duhigg. Duhigg writes, “The people who are most successful at learning…are the ones who know how to use disfluency to their advantage.” Disfluency means to make learning difficult at first and harder throughout the process of retention in order for it to stick and really be understood.

Besides writing things down, there are other ways to form this habit. The author covers some of these such as reverse learning, which is teaching others information you need to know and drawing visual aids to represent verbal information or data presented in text formats.

Forming this habit has longer-term benefits and broader applications outside of the classroom. Below I outline two reasons why this habit is so important for you to develop and highly useful to have in bschool:

– Throughout our world. As access to more and more digital information proliferates our world we are increasingly moving beyond overload into various states of paralysis. As Duhigg aptly writes, “Our ability to learn from information hasn’t necessarily kept pace with its proliferation.” We need to form helpful habits and develop a system whereby we learn from information and apply it rather than merely letting it pass through our fingertips and across our radar screen.
– In business. There is a growing community of influential and enlightened business owners who believe that The #1 habit for 21st Century Entrepreneur is the habit of self-education. Based upon my 20+ career as an entrepreneur I wholeheartedly agree. There isn’t a skill that will help you succeed more than being able to internalize important aspects of managing a business and apply these lessons again and again in your daily practice.

In closing, we all need to be aware of the various ways to harvest information and become more proficient at using all of that information to apply knowledge. This will allow us to develop and build our own unique systems of learning and to find greater success as a result.

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