The Only Road To Live In Times Like These

There is much uncertainty, controversy and a lot of noise surrounding the election and its outcome. However, just as with the outcome of the election and many of the sporting events that happened this weekend and recently which have made history, certainty of outcomes are impossible to predict.

ThreatOpportunityI believe we all have personal, and/or organizational, standards of excellence to uphold and should continue doing what we believe is best for each of us and our colleagues during this period of time.

History teaches us that the worst thing you can do is to become apathetic and reactive. Or, stated differently, let someone or something outside of your control, control you. Such an outlook triggers a series of bad mental impulses which leads to inaction. Apathy and reaction lead to doubt, blame, indecisiveness, second guessing, regret and worst of all the possibility of giving up.  These are life-draining qualities that feed off from one another and try to consume us. As such, they should be avoided at all costs.

In his 9/11 Address to the Nation, President Bush outlined the importance of having “resolve”, which was an attribute he mentioned more than any other quality. He also emphasized responding with our best efforts and our strengths, which he explained primarily as our strength of character.

Having a ‘believe the best’ and ‘do the most’ outlook on recent events puts your resolve and strengths of character into action. And, positive actions should extend beyond your day-to-day activities into your education and career where they can have the greatest impact on your life.

So, don’t try to predict what’s unpredictable. Instead maintain a positive outlook, stay the course that is consistent with your values and continuing working toward what you believe is best for yourself and your family.

I leave you with a personal creed my family lives by which has serviced us very well and puts everything in proper perspective:
Believe the Best
Face the Worst
Do the Most
Forget the Rest

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