Connect Events, Tell Stories, Get Jobs

Last time out, I wrote about how the definition of success and productivity are changing in business settings because of our hyperlinked world.

I also mentioned the importance of teaching in the form of ‘narratives’ when evaluating academics at a school. Namely, how MBA students benefit from professors who can take research and explain it in narrative form.

connectdotsincircleNarratives are spoken or written accounts of connected events, as in a story. The ability for you to connect events will help tremendously if you’re applying for a job and this way of thinking is closely evaluated by recruiters when deciding whom to hire.

The bottom line is many companies hire candidates who can tell stories.  “We look for people who describe their experiences as some kind of narrative,” says Andy Billings, a VP and hiring manager at Electronic Arts. “It’s a tip-off that someone has an instinct for connecting the dots and understanding how the world works at a deeper level. That’s who everyone tries to get.”

(Source: Smarter Faster Better – The Secrets of Being Productive in Life and Business)

You can learn from instructors who translate lessons using narratives and you also need to be able to tell stories by connecting events. I will pass along some resources and keys to how in future posts.

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