More Perspective for Military Applicants on MBA Jobs & Internships

In response to a post called, The New Secret to Getting Hired, below are my recommendations to military candidates on how to secure a job or find an internship.

The original post outlined the following keys to getting a job:
– “More and more every day companies are hiring people recommended by their own employees.”

– “Referrals have always been the best way to build a business and a reputation. Referrals are also the way to get the right job for you.”

– “The key to finding a job today is to connect to companies and some employees that work for those companies. Get to know people in the company. Let them get to know you. Make comments. Post new discussions. Like every comment. Send them an invitation to connect.”

– “Do not let them know that you are looking for a job right away. Build a relationship first.”

– “Then you can request recommendations and let them know that you would love to work for their company and why.”

This is how you ‘plant’ a seed for a future referral and in order to (eventually) find the Hiring Manager. H.R. Director, or one of their assistants or recruiters.

The author of this post Mark Baird has written a useful post.

Mark is correct in many ways. Sourcing employment via job boards and online is a losing strategy. The majority of jobs today are now placed via referrals. In corporate speak, these are known as “internally-posted” jobs. I would also agree with some of his recommendations on how to use LinkedIn. The value of a Premium $60 membership on LinkedIn is that it allows military candidates more opportunities to run search strings and find other veterans already working for companies where those military candidates desire to work.

Along with posting, commenting on posts and building relationships on LinkedIn, I would also recommend personal forms of communication and meeting in-person with informants whenever possible. Informants are the same as the employees Mark describes in his post who are being paid by companies for referring future hires.

The effective strategy for finding a civilian job is to combine both LinkedIn and personal forms of relationship building. You can do this by locating a veteran who works where you desire a job, connecting with them via ‘direct message’ in LinkedIn, and then meeting them in-person or via Skype for an information exchange. Face-to-face meetings with someone employed at the company you want to work for often leads to further introductions and eventually an interview with a hiring manager. This is the process that leads to successfully getting into an MBA school or finding a job/internship for military applicants today.

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