Career Advice On Extending MBA Degree for Military Officers

BadgeAmericanBusinessToday during my daily exposure to relevant info on the web, I uncovered a letter by Jeff Bezos to Amazon’s shareholders. When discussing Amazon University, Bezos revealed the following insight, “As many as half of major US employers now consider Amazon badges to be one of their top five criteria when determining whom to hire.” Everyone knows that Amazon is, or will soon become, the standard for excellence in many aspects of how to do business today.

When it comes to the internet, ecommerce, supply-chain management, operations and distribution they are the arguably “the standard”. So when data of this type comes from the level of CEO to shareholder, we should definitely pay close attention to it.  As it’s my purpose to help MBA students and schools be successful, I must not only spot opportunities like these but explain how our constituents can benefit.

Here’s how Military MBAs can make the most of this opportunity. Extend your MBA degree by adding relevant badges from Amazon University. You can do this by signing up for Amazon Prime and take an online course to acquire a discrete skill or demonstrate mastery of a track such as supply-chain logistics. As most employers do, Amazon recognizes these merit badges in addition to traditional education credentials such as an MBA degree.

Having the right set of credentials for employers is important to getting hired and promoted. Amazon badges will add value to your MBA degree and, along with the skills you developed in the military, will help separate you from all other applicants. And, the more levels of separation you have the better your chances will be to succeed.

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