Goldman Sachs – Payoff Of A Business Degree

A new report surfaced this week from Goldman Sachs on the value of a college education. The report was  pessimistic and called for a revolution in Higher Ed, which is nothing new these days considering American students have accumulated $1.2T in college loan debt.

Four topics stood out as important to me in the report. I will address one in this post and the remainder later on.

There was basically one positive finding to come out of the report. Obtaining a degree in business is one of three areas which were called out in the report where a college degree pays off.

mba-worth-itIn an article written by CNN Money about the report researchers at Goldman Sachs said, “The choice of college and major are more important than ever to students given the changing return profile. Some degrees are more valuable than others. Salaries are going up much faster for students who major in business, health care and tech.”

This very positive news for military students considering MBA degrees. At the masters level, you will obviously
acquire skills in business, but you can also find concentrations and enroll in courses on health care and technology.

In one of my next blog entries, I will identify and discuss other key findings of the report. We will also provide useful perspectives on a project I introduced several weeks ago on a New Era in Higher Ed #NewEraMBA.

Thanks for reviewing and sharing our posts.

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