Nation’s Top Entrepreneurs Identify Military Leaders As Great Hires

TeamworkPicIn a recent post titled, Three Key Attributes of Every Great Hire, I read some excellent advice given by Rahim Charania of the Young Entrepreneur Council. YEC represents some of the most well-respected minds in Entrepreneurship today. Mr. Charania recommends that employers focus on the 3 most valuable attributes of great hires, which are:

#1 – They prioritize a desire to learn and work hard.
#2 – They possess strong analytical skills.
#3 – They prioritize the team benefit over personal gain.

I instantly identified military leaders as having all of these attributes. Here’s why:

#3. Former and current military leaders excel at prioritizing benefit of the team and objective of mission over individual gain.

#2. Their analytical skills and command of quantitative subject matter is not just strong, but extreme. The military is all about making sensible decisions based on available information. In life or death situations, leaders must solve complex problems and communicate quickly and clearly.

#1. In the military, learning is the highest priority. The majority of women and men enlist because of education benefits. 99% of recruits today have a high-school diploma, which is at an all-time high. This compares to 59.5 percent for the rest of America. The disparity of education among future leaders is even greater: 95 percent of officer accessions have at least a bachelor’s degree, versus 29.9 percent of the general population who have an undergraduate education.

Other top qualities of military leaders are outlined here.

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