Successful Periods of Transition

PositiveDifferenceIt’s time to mashup a few more topics to come up with results that are greater than the sum of their individual parts. During the next few blog posts, I will offer suggestions on how to be successful with and effective in handling periods of transition.

I will pattern my overall discussion after recent advice given by Reid Hoffman, the CEO of LinkedIn.  However, staying true to mashup principles, I will draw from a broader and deeper pool of resources in various fields, paths and endeavors.

Let’s start with a working outline courtesy of Mr. Reid Hoffman. For the record, Reid Hoffman did not know what he wanted to become and, according to his own admission, he spent a fair amount of  time figuring out what to do and how to be successful. Obviously, he figured it out!

Suggestion #1 – Please listen to what this guy has to say. You may know the military and how to lead, but you don’t speak or do civilian (yet) the way this guy does. He single-handedly defines most aspects and attributes of success in civilian professions and careers today. For these reasons and more he deserves our respect.

Business Insider recently reported that Mr. Hoffman is now advising applicants to rally around competition, networks and risk. More specifically:

1. Developing Competitive Advance;
2. Building Your Network;
3. Taking Intelligent Risks.

I will be exploring all three of these topics in greater breadth and depth during my next several blog entries. Please follow my blog and refer it to your friends and colleagues.

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