Workforce Science Defines Success

MMBA - GettyImages_134467128Do you want to be successful in a civilian career? Then you must understand how employers currently define success. This is a challenge for prospective, or current, MBA students who have backgrounds in the military. They are more accustomed to military life and might hear a lot of bad career advice during their MBA education from people who define the world differently or evaluate performance using a different set of standards.

According to NY Times reporter, Steve Lohr, “For years, job candidates at Google were screened according to SAT (test) scores and college GPAs. Numbers and grades alone did not spell success at Google and they are no longer used as important hiring criteria.” Google is now part of a larger movement in the civilian economy called “workforce science” that relies upon objective data and facts, which lead to greater job performance.

The field of workforce science is redefining success using predictive analytics and millions of data points from employers. Which means test scores, GPAs, and work histories are evaluated less and past behaviors along with real outcomes are given far more consideration.

For instance, research shows that past behaviors such as the ability to lead and a strong sense of mission are more accurate predictors of future success in progressive companies such as Google.

This movement favors MBA candidates with backgrounds in the military who have proven leadership experience, are self-directed and possess a strong sense of mission. That is, as long as military MBAs can effectively communicate and demonstrate these qualities to employers.

When these attributes are combined with an MBA credential, military students become more than MBA graduates. They become HIPOs, or high performance employees and managers, to civilian organizations who are looking for safe hires with right skills and the potential necessary to deliver outstanding performance.

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