Beat the Rush That’s Sure to Come

Rush to MBA AdmissionsAs you may, or may not, know sequestration is creating apathy in the military among active duty, reservists and veterans alike. Military organizations such as family and transition assistance services on base installations are also reluctant to move ahead with new programs. When sequestration is resolved, it is a certainty that defense cutbacks will be made. When this happens the lives of everyone in the military will quickly change.

Any impasse creates an environment of uncertainty, which leads to inaction. However, once the budget is final veterans will move off the sidelines and flood education and employment channels.

A draw down of service members will increase demand for civilian degrees and jobs. But with employment markets in the U.S. still recovering from the past recession, a shortage in the supply of jobs is certain to create a labor surplus among military veterans. The US Government now spends $1B/year on veteran unemployment, these rates and expenses are bound to swell.

The history of the US, since WWII, shows the importance of delaying entry of veterans into the job market following the end of war or when there is a reduction in the size of the defense budget. That is why the original GI Bill was created in 1944 and why it was revised again in 2008, exclusively in the form of education benefits, and then renamed the Post 9/11 GI Bill. Using education benefits is an effective way for veterans to transition into civilian life and it is an opportunity to further develop or add new skills that companies demand for employment.

There has never been a better time than now to get ahead of the curve and beat the surplus of veterans to school and work. There are only so many acceptance letters and job offers available for the scores of veterans sure to enter the applicant pool.

For example, our recent MBA survey taken in November of 2012 proves that only 6.3% of all the enrollments available are filled with military students. It is popular, and politically correct, for MBA schools to show love toward military applicants. However, actions speak louder than words. Most MBA schools are not increasing the size of their incoming classes. Therefore, unless they open up more enrollments for military students, it will continue to be competitive to get into most bschools. This situation will get worse by an order of magnitude when more military veterans begin to apply after they separate from service.

Do yourself and your family a big favor. Jump off the sidelines and get proactive. Your best plan is to avoid the coming application gridlock and the ensuing bottleneck of certification requests for Post-9/11 education benefits. You can do this by starting the process now and getting your applications in as quickly as possible. Getting ahead of the rush will create better opportunities for your education and employment, and save yourself a lot of future pain and suffering. Here is a timeline to start mapping out your requirements to an MBA degree.

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