In Need Of Veterans, Not Always What Vets Need

Now is a great time to be a military veteran. I am one of the only public commentators who serves veterans to say so. Here’s why it is true. Amidst the doom and bickering, bright spots exist. For veterans, everything from public sentiment to education and employment are running high and working in your favor.

A recent nationwide poll proved that public approval of the military was very positive. Among all divisions and branches of government institutions, the military was the most trusted and revered.

During the past several months, the employment market has definitely skewed in favor of hiring veterans. There are now federal and state tax incentives available for employers to hire vets. This weekend, The Wall Street Journal reported that hiring managers prefer job seekers with education and experience (a.k.a., knowledge and reliability) over college graduates alone.

Enrollments of traditional students in colleges and universities are down. Meanwhile, I spoke with several MBA schools last week who said both veteran enrollments and recruitment activities are increasing.

It is a good environment for veterans across the board, but it’s still not a guarantee of future success. The fact is a lot of employers and education providers are merely filling slots and poaching on veterans. In other words, they may understand the attraction of recruiting veterans, but focus on the university’s or employer’s short-term needs without concentrating on long-term growth and development of you and your individual needs.

As you would any project related to intelligence, you need to evaluate all of your education and employment possibilities. Proper planning and preparation, which is inherent in the military, should allow you to select the opportunity that fits you best with enough short-term benefits balanced with opportunities for future growth and current happiness. I would recommend a good place to start is It is a free career planning website centered on civilian life. The resource was started by Military MBA over the summer  for veterans to apply their military experience and MBA education or consider viable alternatives.

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