This Week in Higher Ed

For-Profit Schools at RiskIt was an active week in Higher Ed. The following articles appeared throughout social and traditional media:

– Tuition increases at public, state schools in the Wall Street Journal
– A new “Outside University” ranking by Outside Magazine
– Data on majors and participation in Higher Ed from Newsweek
– New information re: the state of online education in Fast Company

Here is my attempt to assimilate the information above and distill everything down to a few meaningful takeaways.

1) Business degrees are rock solid. Business grads have increased from 14% of the student population in 1970 and now make up 22% of all college majors. During 40 years of tracking college majors; business degrees have proven to be popular, been resilient and adept at evolving over four decades when most college majors have declined, and have enjoyed the most consistent levels of demand.

2) Look for online education to appeal to the 65% of college-aged students who are not currently enrolled in college in the U.S. This 35% category will be less likely to include military students who will increasingly be advised by several gov’t. agencies and consumer watchdog groups to avoid online education offered by for-profit education providers.

3) California is currently a leading indicator state in college education and budget reform. Students must make sure to achieve the right balance between great universities and a desirable location in CA with the escalation of college expenses at some of its public institutions. Increases in college expenses will be offset by tuition reimbursement programs, which will make competition for military enrollments increase in the state.

That ends a wrap-up for the week. Please let me know if you agree, disagree or have third opinion to offer on any of these timely topics in college education.

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