Military MBAs As Global Entrepreneurs

In the May issue of INC. Magazine an article by Vijay Govinadrajan gives examples of how to recognize great ideas from developing countries and explains ways of turning them into business opportunities. These are ideas that can be exported back to, and used in, the U.S. Alternatively, you can take an idea in one country and use it in another location outside of America. He discusses strategies and models that translate equally well across geographic borders.

Military MBAs (MMBAs) are uniquely qualified to do this because they possess multiple centers of excellence. That is, they have lived in, worked in and are familiar with foreign countries currently under development. Developing countries represent sources of innovation, which is often missing in bschool curriculum, the military and those parts of the American culture that are too established, privileged and institutionalized.

Military MBAs also know how to lead and deal with people. They have acquired a business skill set in MBA school and often have a technical background in engineering. And, finally, they are resourceful and entrepreneurial. This could be as close, and qualified, as they will get to a sure thing. In many ways it beats any franchise opportunity former members of the military have as a viable means of successfully transitioning to business.

No matter what  your path is, you can use your global leadership experiences as a source of innovation, ideas and entrepreneurship.

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