Downside Risks of For-Profit Education

USA Today reported that Student Veterans of America revoked their charter with 26 for-profit schools in Higher Ed. The basis of complaints against for-profits rests upon recruiting violations. Recruiting violations and misuse of federal funds have become recurring themes in the government’s ongoing investigation, and resulting sanctions and penalties, against the for-profit education providers. Legislation is even being enacted to prevent for-profit colleges from using federal funding to advertise and recruit military students.

A reasonable person would think these measures would be enough to deter any military student or family member from enrolling in a for-profit college. Not true. According to the Department of Veterans Affairs, 80% or more of the Post-9/11 GI Bill education benefits are going to for-profit education. Still, the latest violations coming from a credible group that represents student veterans should have a more meaningful impact.

For any soldier, or officer, who needs more convincing you should consider some revealing employment statistics. A significant amount of research with hiring managers indicates that over 70% of employer organizations prefer to hire someone who earns a degree from a traditional university they recognize. New research out from LinkedIn shows HR execs spend only a few seconds reviewing resumes online. One area they focus on is your education. So save yourself a lot of money and future headaches by earning a credible degree from a recognized college or university.

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